Sometimes, you have a memorial tile need, but not using the “made for headstone” tiles that are expensive because they are so thin, and they are made exactly for the cemeteries and sized for the headstone or memorial stones.  So, if you do NOT need the special made thin headstone porcelain tiles, we can print on outdoor tiles (Like we do when we print tiles for walls used outside, larger outdoor tile murals) these are less money because they are using more standard tiles.



We make memorial tiles that are also printed on normal indoor or outdoor wall tile.  The memorial tiles used for headstone are thin and the tiles themselves come from Italy made to industry standards.

In the above example, the two circle photos above, was a memorial where are three tiles using outdoor tile, were printed in squares that were installed into the picnic table that is on the Colorado river, honoring this loved man that tragically drowned.   What a legacy and memory that our printed tiles serve for generations, as our tiles do not fade.

We cut them to the size, and they were inserted and glued and secured in a cut area that ‘fit’ the tiles snugly and permanently.   You can have your memorial tiles for peoples or pets , and then in various sizes up to 12 x 12 inch.

Red Tree Over Park Bench

Remember our outdoor tiles are printed with the same 100 year warranty not to fade!

We can add text in different languages and also add art like this rose.

Tile can be cut to size, like this one to the left had a photograph and a rose placed with the text in another language.  We can do the same for you. It doesn’t have to be English, just email us your text and we will print it.

This tile (on left) the customer sent us their mother’s photo as well as the text in another language, all by email or upload. Asking us to add the rose – it was shipped across the ocean to our customer.

This tile was printed on indoor-tile and are used for memorial tiles say on a mantle or fireplace or shelf, or we also print outdoor that can be cemented in and placed on a park bench  (see above) or put on the ground beside the headstone.

Printing also for pets, they can be custom printed outdoor tiles, used in the backyard area where Rover was buried or his ashes lay.  We print on memorial tiles for persons and pets.

memorial-photo-dogHere is an example of a printed memorial (standard) outdoor tiles for dogs and cats and pets.  The arrow in this photo shows the detail in text we can also print. We have different text fonts, you can pretty much tell us the font and we have it in our Art-Department.  Basically send us camera ready art and we can print either on one tile or over many tiles (Mural).

Because the tiles can be cut in any size, we have to quote you. Also some folks have us do more cropping and editing than others but on average these tiles can be from $99 and up depending also on the size.

Not just people or dogs and cats but other animals we’ve done memorial tiles also.

Printed memorial tile for horses and other pets as well.

Some add text others have text already on the monument or marker.  Its up to you, but if you need text we can personalize a memorial tile just the way you want it.

Tiles that are cut can be cut rectangular or square, sometimes it matters if we are printing a photograph that covers the tile, like this horse or is just being part of the tile because of text this helps us determine the size of tile.

Printed tile not only for dogs or cats but all pets.

Remember your image or picture for your memorial tile, doesn’t fade or scratch off its very durable and we print full color like a photograph.

Call us 1 855 410 8797 ext. 1 (sales) to place your custom tile order.

Because this section is so customized it can not be completed on line. But most of the order can be completed by email if you rather.

We also print complete outdoor murals, that the sun will not fade it.


Warranty on our print not to fade – full color both indoor or outdoor.

Some want a memorial plate, like a dinner plate instead or as well. We print on dinner plates as well as tiles, as its all porcelain see our printed dishware for more info.

See more of our amazing outdoor murals here

Cemetary Mausoleum Pictured Tile Murals JESUS being tried indoor wall murals, this the last supper on Daltile (Huge USA mfg) on their 6″ x  6″ inch wall tile.  Custom printed, will not fade or scratch off we have more indoor wall murals here …check them out!  (and with no minimum order too!)

Call 1 855 410 8797 ext 1 (sales) to get your quote on both individual outdoor tiles as well as murals both indoor and outdoor  –  we know what we are doing, when it comes to printing on tiles!