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Marker Tile
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Leading manufactured customized
tomb stone and head stone memorial

Our tiles are made to exact standards of
excellence, and can have any picture or
image or photograph with text needed.

The problem that exists with
photographs on head stones or
memorial markers is that they start to
fade within 18 months on average, and
usually dont last more than 2 - 3 years
when the image fades.

They also can't use words or text on the
photgraph either, and often cover the
image up with a bubble of protection.

Ours is protected by UV for 100 years.

Paris Group Inc.
"Porcelain Printers"
1 855 410 8797
We are proud members (supplier members) of the OACFP
Ontario Association of Cemetery
and Funeral Professionals
We Create & Manufacture
Memorial Photo Tiles

Tiles come in various styles and shapes. (see memorial
tiles and sizes to order

* Turn around usually 24 hours to 48 hours.
* Discount if your order is 48 hours long.
* No Fade, and a written 100 year warranty.
* 3M Tape Backing Made For Memorial Tiles
* Text Included Free (if you want /need it)
* Shipping is included Free in North America
Call Us 1 855 410 8797 or 416 410 8797 or
Skype (when available) ezeric1
or email info@memorialphotos.net
upload your photo to: info@allpictured.com
You can
upload or
email your
Paris Group Inc.
"Porcelain Printers"
we showed our booth at the
annual conference (the
OACFP) and tradeshow for
funeral homes and cremation

Here on our booth table we
displayed our tiles for wall
murals, that can be installed in
Funeral Home walls or on the
floor making tiles for their
entrance way. See more of our
tiles murals and floors at our
other website

You can also see (on the trade
show table) our porcelain
dishware, that is customized
with the logo on the rim, for
the funeral home. For use in
their eating area and dining
area with our plates with
photos on them.

Then of course some of our
various memorial tiles for
grave markers and memorial
stones. Which you can see

See Our Memorial Tiles as well as Order Tile Online
Tile Product Here
To See Our Memorial Tile Sizes
For our Pictures and Images on Tile
To Upload a File/Picture to us
To See Our Printed Plates and Photo Mugs

Paris Group Inc.
We Are Porcelain and Ceramic Printers
Showroom and Office:
1166 Gorham Street
Unit 5
Newmarket, ON
L3Y 8W4

Call 1 855 410 8797 (United States &
Canada) or direct 1 416 410 8797 or when
available skype: ezeric1
And we ship all over the world.